New Apple Book Resource - Book of Rhythms and Melodies (Vol. I)

We all know how costly textbooks have been and how the prices keep rising! It is my goal to support my students by creating FREE resources whenever possible. My third free textbook created for my students and available to EVERYONE is my Book of Rhythms and Melodies - Volume I.  

This book contains a collection of short original music compositions that focus on rhythm counting and sight-singing (solfège) to develop these important musicianship skills. Although the book was developed as a resource for my Aural Skills I course, there is a plethora of uses for a book of rhythms and melodies such as this.

Book cover for Book of Rhythms and Melodies featuring a piano keyboard with black and white keys.

The book is structured in a way that scaffolds learning beginning with simple rhythms in the first section, incorporating new elements and growing more challenging with each exercise. 

First page of the Simple Meter Rhythms chapter with musical examples.
The second section introduces pitch beginning with movement in a stepwise motion, progressing into movement following the tonic arpeggio and ultimately concluding with exercises including arpeggiation within the dominant seven arpeggio, all within the major key tonality.

First page of the Simple Meter Melodies chapter.
The third section introduces compound meter rhythms, growing more advanced with each exercise with the final section of Volume I combining compound meters with stepwise, tonic arpeggiated, and dominant seven arpeggiated movement. 
First page of the Compound Meter Rhythms chapter.
First page of the Compound Meter Melodies chapter.
Note that the interactive icon found at the start of all melodies allows the reader to play a major arpeggio in the key of each exercise to aid in more accurately singing the excerpt. Simply tap or click the icon to begin playback. 

I would appreciate any feedback to help improve this resource. Feel free to reach out to me at dsorah@ or on most social media platforms at @dsorah.

Happy sight-singing! 😁🎵 

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