Book Week 2023: Read, Grow, Inspire


🇦🇺 Book Week 2023 is upon us, and this year's theme, "Read, Grow, Inspire," embodies three of my favourite words.

Cultivating a love for reading in children is a gift that keeps on giving. By exposing young minds to the magic of books, we set the stage for growing into lifelong learners, creators, and this opens up a world of endless possibilities.

I'm always inspired by what others create and am happy to share my own creations too. We don't always have to start from scratch. I love the sharing in this community and how it is so easy to leverage the creativity of others to amplify your own ideas. I have innovated on some templates to create some activities for book week. Super easy and saved me heaps of time.


The essence of innovation lies in adaptation and evolution.

Book Week 2023 A-Z - You can download the original template in the Apple Teacher Portfolio Apply Section.

Book Week 2023 - Original World Book Day 2020 template - author unknown, but Thankyou.

My one ask of the community is to please add your details to resources you share so we can make sure we pass thanks onto those who spent the time creating in the first instance.



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