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After participating in the first #EDULeaderChat tonight on Twitter, I have once again spent more time than anticipated exploring new AI tools. Several on the chat shared that they hadn't done PD with their staff yet on using AI. I wanted to share how I introduced the idea of AI to teachers in my high school.  

We had about 45 minutes during our back to school workshops and my principal asked if I would share some AI resources. I immediately stressed about how teachers would perceive the use of AI. The angle I chose to take was "How can AI help you get more of what you need... time!" We shared and modeled practical tools teachers could leave with and use in their daily teacher life.

We started by discussing some misconceptions of AI and providing a little background on where AI came from and why it feels like an all of a sudden tool even though it's not.  

Picture of a lightbulb, telephone, calculator and wifi symbol with the caption "New technology has always been scary.
We discussed some of the tools we couldn't live without now and how at one point in time, they were scary to a generation of users.
I highlighted key moments in the history of AI to help teachers understand that it isn't really 'new' technology.

The session ended by modeling some of the AI tools I found helpful. I highlighted specific ways they may use the tool and encouraged them to go to the site and click around with us.


ChatGPT- Eduaide- Twee- Perplexity- Magic School-
These are the tools I chose to highlight and model during this introductory session.

The session was long enough to give us time to showcase some of the tools but short enough to not overwhelm them with too many tools and resources. This presentation has done wonders for getting the conversation started about the benefits of AI.

I have attached the full presentation with presenter's notes below.

I would love to know how you are sharing the power of AI with your teachers and/or students.


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September 08, 2023

I took a screen shot of the AI tools you highlighted - some were new to me and I need to take a look. Thanks for sharing what you covered with your staff, so helpful!

September 12, 2023

So glad you found it helpful Karen. I explored a ton preparing for that workshop. There are so many out there! I tried to narrow down to ones that did a good job and didn't cost.

September 09, 2023

Thank you Jennifer for discussing your process and sharing your screen shots! (I got an error when trying to open the zipped file). It is so helpful to get educators thinking about using AI tools and understanding how they may be beneficial in their practice.

I’d love to see some comments to your post here, on what prompts educators have found successful in their specific use of AI. I’ll start by sharing one of mine and hopefully others will follow.

Mine is from GPT Chat, but example prompts from any of the tools you showcased would be beneficial as an example to use during professional learning. And BTW I’m a prompt beginner but usually take away a few nuggets I can build on.

My starting prompt: Create an online professional development course for educators that teaches equity, diversity and inclusion in the classroom.

My subsequent sub prompts:

  • Start  the course with identity
  • Organize the course around these questions: Who are you (identity)? How do you operate in the classroom? What aspect of your [equity] work do you want to develop?
  • Make [provided] examples specific to an equity in the classroom project.
  • Provide a list of resources for this course.  Include books, articles, podcasts, videos.
  • Provide a list of Apple Tools that could be used by the course participants to create their lessons or projects. 
  • Make these [Apple tools] examples specific to an equity in the classroom project.

I must say that the last sub prompt response had some interesting ideas!

What have others appreciated by some of their generated prompts?

September 12, 2023

Thanks Cheryl, Sorry that zip file didn't work. I tried to upload again but it did a zip file again. Instead I created an iCloud link. I am very interested in the thinking that goes behind the prompting to get the appropriate output. I love your last prompt. Using AI to help me coach teachers has been a life saver! I feel like I go into coaching cycles ready to talk specifically about their content instead of what I have done elsewhere. A couple of prompts I have used are:

  • Create a daily Twitter post challenge for teachers to include challenges about creativity, collaboration, communication and creation.
  • Suggest 3 historical fiction books for ninth graders related to the Industrial Revolution.
  • Develop a 5 day lesson plan on iPad troubleshooting and support. Include scenarios the students can troubleshoot.
  • Not mine but our Forensic Psychology teacher uses Eduaide to generate case studies that her students can dissect that are more appropriate for HS students than what may be found online.

I just recently found this Learn Prompting website that works you through modules to learn tips for prompting.

Like you I would love to know what other prompts teachers are using and is anyone trying to teach students about prompting yet?

December 11, 2023

Thanks, Jennifer your slides are amazing, but I don't see the notes. How do I find them?

September 11, 2023

AI is another tool that has been quite difficult to catch up with for teachers. You are not finishing learning some tech abilities, and suddenly, a new one appears. Nevertheless, AI is the opportunity to focus education in more creative ways. It's not just about trying to beat robots, but encouraging our potential and the elements that define us as humans. It's not just about answering questions in a test but feeling what humanity is all about."

September 12, 2023

Agreed! I honestly wasn't quite ready to dive into it but it seemed to be everywhere and I wanted to have some knowledge of its workings. I know many teachers in my district are using AI to generate creative ways for introducing new topics, processing learning, and lesson activities. I think we are just scratching the surface of what is possible.

September 19, 2023

Thank you Jennifer for sharing. Great way to start off the academic year....There is so much we get to know from AI both as teachers and students..but where to draw the line is the biggest question. Learning and Teaching about ethical use of AI is the first step we all need to know more about I think. .

December 15, 2023

Thanks for sharing!

December 30, 2023

Thanks for sharing. This looks like a great resource for educators to learn about AI.

January 02, 2024

I found your presentation very helpful as I am creating a professional development training for my staff which focuses on AI in the classroom. Thanks for doing to footwork.

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