Week Vocabulary Routine

Here is a Keynote that my 4th grade team uses for the whole week.

Day Breakdown (15 minutes each day)

  • Monday: Go over the 4 words, have the students write the words down below in the empty space, have them underline the vowels and show the different syllables, then we have the students give a thumps up or a thumbs down on if the vocabulary word is used correctly.
  • Tuesday: Follow the same routine for the other 4 words like you did on Monday.
  • Wednesday: Say the word and definition, then give the students the discussion prompt and then have them find a partner based on what is below. Let them discuss for about a minute and then have them go back to their seats. Then have 2 students share what they discussed.
  • Thursday: Go over the words with the class, then have the students write a sentence using both of the vocabulary words at the top. Have them do all 4 independently and then share at the end.
  • Friday: We do this as a rotation. The students will finish the sentence, then record themselves reading the passage and highlighting the vocabulary words we learned that week.

To make it easy for you just duplicate the Keynote each week and change what you need to for the next week.


2 replies

September 14, 2023

Thanks for sharing your Keynote vocab builder. I like the 15 minutes a day approach that builds throughout the week. Good idea!

March 02, 2024

Thank you for sharing this. Doing so has gotten my creative wheels turning, thinking about how I could adapt your idea for my classroom. I love how you have your students using Keynote for this. Do they each have a copy or is this projected on the board?

Other variations of this I could see might include students doing this independently while small group instruction is happening. Maybe at the end of that block the teacher could review student work for the day and share examples. I could also see this like a weekly "vocab notebook" for the students. A Frayer template for each word may be another useful daily activity. I've also found that having students search for images that represent the meaning of the word to be a powerful learning activity for vocabulary.

My favorite parts of your activity are that it involves no copying and that you can just update the same template each week. I also like how what you created is routine-based, which will promote more on-task behavior as students will be clear on what the expectations are.

Again, thank you for sharing!

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