Coral Reefs and an ABC Activate Lesson

To introduce our unit on Sponges, Jellys, and Corals for Honors Zoology, I started the first lesson with an ABC Activate Lesson. I Airplayed a picture of a coral reef on the board. I instructed students to take 3 minutes to develop as many words they think of related to the picture, starting with each letter of the alphabet and write it down on a piece of paper, the Notes app, or an app of their choice. Then, they had 2 minutes to talk with a partner to fill in any gaps and one final minute to speak with a different classmate for the last gaps. We came together as a whole class as I used Keynote Live Presentation to collaborate on the best choice for each letter.

Students enjoyed the quick lesson and were able to create a connection to marine life even when residing in the Midwest.



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