Surface Area using the Measure App

 How dose Geometry Relate to the real World? Using the measure app and keynotes really takes surface area to the next level!! Today in class my students had a chance to use the measure app to find the surface area of 3D shapes. The student were given 3D shapes in which hey had to find the surface area. They had to measure each face, take a photo of each face, import the photo into a keynote slide, BUT the photo in the slide had to be decompose into a NET :) that represented their object. Once all task were completed students had to submit a video or an audio which discussed what they noticed. OH but they did not forget to find and label the area of each face which lead to the surface area of their object.

Reflection: What did I notice? I noticed students were really engaged with the activity but I should have assigned a task a day. Such as only letting students use the measuring app one day and creating the keynote slides a different day. I also noticed that EVERY student EVERY student was engaged and loved using technology to enhance their knowledge about surface area.




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