Multimodal Vocabulary Activity Book Series

ELL early learners enjoy completing our weekly Multimodal Vocabulary books on iPad to learn new vocabulary units and practice their language domains. Teachers can download / preview the book on the bookstore then download the book template (found on Page 2 of each book) to share with students. Each book contains a teacher rubric to assess the learning and differentiated tasks. The format of the books within the series are similar so students are familiar and comfortable completing them independently. They incorporate guiding literacy icons, iPad tools, and accessibility features like Speak and Dictate. Each "chapter" targets a language domains of speaking, reading, writing or listening and includes engaging features with the help of Memoji talking heads. I have attached the link to the "Community Helpers" book below, and a screen shot of some of the other books in the series.

Community Helpers, Multimodal Vocabulary Activity Book:

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