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This resource materialized as a result of a seemingly ordinary evening when I was captivated by news broadcasts. It struck me how certain boys within our school were disengaging from literacy and the act of writing. Situated in the south side of Glasgow (Scotland, UK), our school boasts a distinctive demographic. Notably, our male students had lost enthusiasm for the conventional curriculum, which they perceived as incongruous with their aspirations. The question arose: could I construct a conduit that interwove their passions – namely technology (specifically iPad usage), gaming, and football – while simultaneously bolstering their literary, digital, and creative proficiencies?

Thus, I embarked on a journey utilizing Keynote, investing countless hours meticulously crafting Breaking News templates emulating renowned global channels like BBC, Sky News, and CBS. The endeavour expanded as I contemplated how to kindle their engagement with French language studies. I recreated prominent European channels such as RTE (Spain) and France 24 (France). However, the pièce de resistance proved to be football – a realm that resonated profoundly with these young minds.

In the realm of replicating these templates, my creative prowess surged beyond measure. My ideas flowed like an unstoppable current onto the digital canvas, metamorphosing the templates into intricate, content-rich creations. The crescendo of this creative expedition was the football score centre, a culmination of my creativity. The concluding slides of the Keynote presentation represent the World Cup of my endeavours – the zenith I was diligently striving towards. This is where I captivate and immerse these young minds in the realm of literacy once more.

The slide deck that I humbly present is adorned with editable text, ready to be tailored by the user. Certain elements need to be strategically repositioned to allow the ticker tapes to seamlessly operate. Peculiarly positioned shapes, meticulously embedded, serve to authentically replicate the templates. I further imparted training to our esteemed Education Quality Improvement Officers in Glasgow, elucidating the nuances of utilizing Keynote for presentations. It's amusing to note that my customized text proclaimed "QIO discovers Magic Move," an initiative met with commendation, albeit accompanied by mild bewilderment as to why I found myself on BBC News.

Yet, the most gratifying moment unfurled when I showcased my creation to my P7 boys. Witnessing their awe at the meticulously recreated Sky News and BBC templates, coupled with their amusement at my satirical Trump headlines, was a delight. However, it was the resonance with Sky Sports and BT Score that ignited a spark within them. This marked the threshold of their literary reawakening. Almost instantaneously, they plunged into spirited discussions about what they would articulate, the manner in which they would convey their thoughts, and, most notably, who would be the messenger. An ardent desire to grace the television screen coursed through their veins, and with Keynote slides tailored to their preferences (a choice bestowed upon the students), exported as captivating movies with the magic of Green Screen in iMovie, this aspiration transformed into reality. The allure of literacy was rekindled through a solitary spark, ignited within me as I gazed upon the news during an exceptionally damp and blustery evening in Glasgow.

Hence, I humbly present my One Best Thing project, an offering for educators to embrace within the corridors of their institutions, fostering literary prowess and linguistic dexterity among the youthful intellects under their tutelage. Infuse it into literacy lessons, intertwine it with modern languages, infuse it with levity and creativity, transforming the banality of everyday news into a whimsical portrayal of school life. Consider inaugurating a monthly school news channel, but above all, employ it as a lifeline for that one student who has drifted from the joys of writing, for the one fatigued by monotonous language teachings, for the one fervently passionate about football but aloof from the act of expression through written words. Present them with that elusive spark, capable of reigniting the fervor for writing. Extend this catalyst, for within it lies the potential for that minute spark to burgeon into an incandescent flame of creativity!



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Posted on November 26, 2023

Wow, Señor Chris- you sure haven't drifted from the joy of writing! Your reflections are infused with both passion and joy. I love this idea and have downloaded it to use with my rugby-mad students in New Zealand. Thank you 👏👏👏

Posted on November 30, 2023

Gratitude Linda, your kind words are deeply appreciated. I harbor a profound love for language, but my true passion resides in the realm of teaching and education!

Posted on November 30, 2023

This is wonderful, Chris! 🤩 What a fantastic ‘One Best Thing’ project that both provides inspiration and an example for others to follow, but also a downloadable Keynote template to scaffold teaching and learning. Literacy is everywhere, and this is such a great way to get students writing, speaking, and thinking about how news and media are presented to them whilst meeting them ’where they live’ with topics and interested that excite them! Amazing work — Congrats! 👏

Posted on November 30, 2023

Hey Eoin, I'm ecstatic about the results! 🌟 Your enthusiasm for my 'One Best Thing' project warms my heart. Designing this Keynote template to fuel literacy and critical thinking among students has been an immensely rewarding pursuit. I'm deeply committed to aligning with their interests and exploring how news and media mold their viewpoints. Your uplifting words hold tremendous value—thank you for the incredible support! 👏

Posted on December 01, 2023

Chris, thank you for sharing this incredible project. I've just been exploring the Keynote deck and I must say the craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail is phenomenal. I can't wait to share this with my students to bring their news reports to life in more realistic ways than ever before. THANK YOU!

Posted on December 02, 2023

You’re so welcome Jacob! It’s fantastic to hear that the Keynote deck has left such an impression. I strongly believe that bringing news reports to life can truly enhance the learning experience. I’m thrilled you found it valuable for your students—happy to assist anytime if you need anything, but I’m sure you’re well versed in all things Keynote! 👌thank you again for your kind words of encouragement!

Posted on February 10, 2024

This is amazing!

I would love to use and update the text but as a newbie to Keynote I am struggling.

Do you have a guide for how to edit the slides?

Thank you!

Posted on February 17, 2024

Hi Spencer, there's no guide as such I'm afraid as there are a lot of moving parts within this project. The simplist way is to just edit the text boxes and leave the anmations and style the way it is.

Alternatively, the best way I discovered when learning how to use Keynote (after being a PPT guy for many years) was to make numerous copies of a deck and then reverse engineer it. I discovered more using this method that I ever did from watching tutorials or following guides. Hope this helps?

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