Inspire Learning's 12 Days of Christmas 2023

Scottish Borders Council's Inspire Learning team have created a brand new resource for Christmas, following on from the success of their 2021 and 2022 advent calendars.  

The '12 Days of Christmas 2023' has...

  • 36 activity video tutorials
  • 16 different iPad apps used
  • 12 days of engaging learning
  • 4 age ranges
  • All made by 1 great team!

To access the resource, please visit:

The age ranges are ELC (nursery pupils) to Primary 3 (age 7), Primary 4 (age 8) to Primary 7 (age 11), Secondary (age 12-18) and Enhanced Provision (for pupils with additional needs.

Some examples of the video tutorials are below...

Draw a Festive Gnome

Make a Digital Snowglobe

Christmas DeckToys Game

Christmas Sign-Along

Feel free to use these resources in your classrooms. You can tweet/post about them using the hashtag #InspireChristmas as well.

We also have a live launch of this resource at 7pm GMT tonight (Monday 4th December) which is being streamed on YouTube from the video below - it will be available on demand as soon as the stream has ended.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

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