Digital Illustration with Procreate - Apple Education Community Summit workshop

One of the major highlights for me in a school week is my Digital Illustration co-curricular with Year 5 and 6 students. I have been running this co-curricular for 5 years and it has given me - and hopefully the participating children - a lot of joy over this time. As I am not currently a timetabled teacher, this weekly event is my creative haven.

We use the iPad app Procreate and I set a weekly exercise for children to work through - often structured, but always with levels of choice, and more freedom for those who are ready to be self-directed.

I have the opportunity to share a little more about my co-curricular and beginning to use Procreate at the Apple Education Community Summit in Sydney. For this workshop session, I have documented the attached resource (ePub will open with Books on your Apple devices). The booklet runs through some information about my co-curricular program, a sample term curriculum of weekly activities, as well as a step-by-step guide through a beginner level process to draw and then animate a bubble in Procreate.

If you're new to using Procreate, I hope you are able to follow along with my steps for illustration and animation, or you could start with The Creative Bix bubble tutorial, which helped me to get started. I added a few different steps and then animated my illustration.

These are my samples - firstly my bubble illustration and secondly, an Animated GIF: 

Illustration of bubbles created in Procreate
Bubble illustration
Bubble illustration animated in Procreate, exported as GIF
Bubble illustration animated in Procreate, exported as GIF

Reach out if you are interested in hearing more, or sharing ideas about running a similar co-curricular activity.


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