Meri Kirihimete Scavenger Hunt

Meri Kirihimete Scavenger Hunt 🎄


Inspired by TLC's recent 25 Keynote Christmas Countdown Activities, I have adapted the 'Scavenger Hunt' slide to create a Te Reo Māori version.

Download Keynote Template:

Tap the + sign, take a photo, or add a photo/video for each letter.

Venture Out:

Teams, go to different locations to find and capture items or scenes on the list.

Capture Creatively:

Encourage creative captures—photos, videos, or even short skits representing list items.

Speed Challenge:

Make it a race! Set a timer; the quickest team completing tasks wins.

Enjoy the hunt! 📸🔍✨


Tap the + sign for each letter

Select from the options :

  1. Choose a Photo or Video from your Photo Gallery - the PHOTOS app will open and you can choose your image or video
  2. Take a Photo or Video - the CAMERA app will open
  3. Insert From - Select a photo or video from other apps on your iPad

Find the 25 Keynote Countdown activities here:


All Replies

Posted on December 07, 2023

Great activity and thanks a lot for the template.

Posted on December 07, 2023

Absolutely delightful! Always engaging to have students out and about taking photos and thinking about their creative tasks.

What I love about this Community is how we take ideas (like the 25 Keynote Activities) and then mold them to our own situations and environments - nice job!

Posted on December 20, 2023

What a great resource, Zoey! 👏

I love how it gets students up and on their feet and thinking about letters and words in the world around them! Great job! 🙌

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