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Hi, everyone!

With the beginning of the new year, all of my staff were required to update their MacBooks to Sonoma. As a technology integrationist, one of my biggest goals is to get them familiar and comfortable with all the great things their devices have to offer!

I developed an online Monopoly board (inspired by this post ( for my staff to play through with each other and learn more about their latest computer update, Sonoma!

All of my staff are provided with a set of dice, and 4-5 staff members are assigned to a board and given "editing" rights. This allows them to move their game pieces around and edit the score board. Certain parts of the board are locked to prevent any unwanted editing, too. I have a set of directions listed on the left side, but this can be edited as needed!

All resources (board and videos) were made from scratch myself and produced/housed through Canva Whiteboards, iMovie, Wheel of Names, and YouTube. Inspiration for board space ideas was provided by Katie Morrow, the Education Leadership Executive in my area!

Click here to make a copy of my board, and feel free to edit the directions, board spaces, etc. to fit the needs of your staff or students!


Sonoma Pro Monopoly Board
(Interested in just viewing the board without making a copy of it? Click here to check it out!)

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