Battlemania 2023 EMEIA Tips Deck

So, if you've been following my Twix (formerly known as Twitter or X) handle (@postkaisersoze) you'll have seen a few posts about the EMEIA Battlemania Tips Deck that many of the ADE (Apple Distinguished Educators), Battlemania contestants from the class of 2023 (best class ever!) have been working on.


Image depicting ADE Institute Logo and Battlemania Tips text

This project was created after a very casual conversation amongst the contestants while we waited on carrying out our technical checks before the event started. We were discussing the possibility of having a single resource that highlighted all the tips that we shared on the evening of the Battlemania contest. And so the Battlemania Tips Deck was born!

Initially, we did hope that all Battlemania contestants from all the ADE 2023 Institutes across the globe would participate, however possibly our Twix online presence didn't stretch to the people who had participated. Which is a shame as having 'every' tip from around the world would have been immense. Not disheartened though, we forged ahead and what we have now is a comprehensive deck of tips that were showcased or planned to be shown on the night in question. Thanks goes to all the ADEs who participated in the creation of this resource:

  • Funda Ceren Dodurgali (EMEIA Battlemania 2023 Champion)
  • Michele D'Ascenzo (EMEIA Battlemania 2023 Runner Up)
  • Swaroop Venni
  • Maarten Van Tulle
  • Haleema Mayat

We hope you enjoy the resource and find some useful 'tips' that you may not have known perviously!


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Posted on January 19, 2024

Thank for sharing, I learn so much from the Battlemania's, so many great tips that I forget most by the time I get home. I participated in the America's Battlemania, but I did not know you were putting this together. A great idea.

I lost in the first round. ☹️

Posted on February 17, 2024

Hi Brian, yes I too went out in the first round but it was a heck of an experience, one I would highly recommend to anyone attending future institutes. We had posted it all over Twitter since August and we hoped to make it a global tips deck but unfortunately there was no interest from any institute either side of Europe. I'd be happy to share the original Keynote deck with you again to allow you to collaborate on it and add your tips if you like? And if you know of any other ADEs that took part in Battlemania you could also share the link with them?

Posted on March 01, 2024

Hi Chris

This is fantastic and thank you for sharing! How about connecting with @teach_create_ as she is an expert in Battlemania from the APAC institute or @KeyWiz or @esther0630 ? It would be great to have a global version!

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