Using Markup in Photos to teach Imagery!


I created this short activity to review the concept of imagery with students. The directions include the information below. I have also attached my assignment directions, which include my example as a model for the students.

Part 1: Background Notes: Imagery

Imagery-descriptive language that appeals to the 5 senses! (Helps you imagine!)

  • Sight
  • Taste
  • Touch
  • Sound
  • Smell

Example 1: Her hand moved restlessly across the rough surface of the desk. 

Explanation: Example 1 refers to the “rough surface of the desk”, which appeals to the sense of  

touch. This helps the reader imagine and experience the details of the text in their head (or “feel” 

what the character is feeling). 

Example 2: When I walked into my brother’s room, the smell of sweat and decaying unwashed dinner plates was staggering. 

Explanation: Example 2 refers to “the smell of sweat” and “decaying unwashed dinner plates”, 

which appeals to the sense of smell. This allows the reader to imagine and experience that smell 

in their own mind and relate to their own previous experiences with similar smells. 

Part 2: Activity

Directions: We are going to take a walk for 15 minutes outside along our school’s nature trail. Along this walk you will be taking pictures of the trees, flowers, and other elements of nature that you encounter. After, we return to class, you will be using the Markup feature in photos to annotate your favorite photo with three examples of imagery appealing to three DIFFERENT senses. An example of what I want you to do is below. Use drawn arrows and text to annotate!


Mrs. Black's Example


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Posted on January 15, 2024

Great idea to incorporate annotation after a photo walk. It certainly fosters learning about imagery as well as photography and includes activity during a lesson. Nice!

Thanks for the pdf with lesson!

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