One Best Thing - Unlocking Stories Through Animated Sketchnoting

The power of sketchnoting lies in its ability to transform complex information into visual narratives that resonate with our understanding. When animated, it breathes life into new ideas, captivating audiences through engaging visuals. Keynote on iPad is the ideal platform for crafting animated sketchnotes. For those less inclined towards drawing, tracing over images with adjusted opacity offers a seamless alternative.

Connected to Allan Paivio’s Dual Coding theory, which underscores how information processing occurs verbally and non-verbally, animated sketchnoting embodies this concept. By integrating both linguistic and visual systems, it enhances learning and memory recall. This amalgamation of text, relevant imagery, and multimedia not only aids comprehension but also elevates retention compared to mere text-based learning. 

My One Best Thing employs animated sketchnoting and Dual Coding theory to narrate the story of the indigenous Noongar People from South Western Australia. It delves into their pre-European Settlement ways and the profound impact that colonisation inflicted on their traditional lifestyle. This narrative, serves as a catalyst for truth-telling, fostering attentive listening, and nurturing reconciliation. 

For those interested in exploring animated sketchnoting further, the Everyone Can Create Projects: Make a Motion Graphic is a valuable resource. It provides step-by-step instructions along with additional lesson ideas. Attached to this post is the Keynote with the captivating animations, complemented by a script written in Pages. Notably, all scripting and recordings were skillfully crafted by Year 5 students using iPad, showcasing the potential of young minds in storytelling.

📣 Your call to action echoes an invitation to explore animated sketchnoting with your students as a means to narrate the indigenous stories prevalent in your local landscape. This art form stands as a bridge to honour, celebrate, and preserve the rich cultural heritage of indigenous communities worldwide.



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Posted on January 20, 2024

These are wonderful, Matthew! 🌟 Such authentic and personalised examples of student learning! I love the addition of animation and voiceover to the sketchnotes to really bring them to life! 🙌 Amazing work — from both your students and yourself! 🤩

Posted on January 28, 2024

Great seeing authentic student examples! Great work and thanks for sharing.

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