Teaching with Mac Back to School webinar

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Michelle Forrest during the back-to-school webinars. We focussed on 'Teaching with Mac', and covered a range of different tips, tricks, and tools to get you started for the 2024 Year. 

I would like to highlight a couple of areas I presented during the session:

Mac Accessibility Assistant is such a wonderful and effective tool that allows teachers to better understand the tools that can be used for all the students in your classroom.  


Keynote was also another area we both focussed on. Whilst Michelle featured ways Keynote Live can used for feedback, personalisation, and engagement, I look at the new 3D object capabilities Keynote has rolled out. Many teachers would like to know where they can get these USDZ files. Sketchfab is a terrific site for teachers. You will need to create an account to download, but everything is free and the scope of the models is amazing. Interesting that many art galleries and museums around the world are scanning their content and placing it on the Sketchfab site!

Markup is a tool that all teachers and students should get to know. It has so many connections across the curriculum. I demonstrated how it might be used to label a quick Wind Turbine. You can learn more about the MarkUp tool 👇

There are many tutorials, tips, and snippets of inspiration on our Padlet here. The opportunities these tools give us can't be understated. Imagination is your only barrier. Live video is just live video until we get creative!

Wishing you all an amazing 2024!



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Posted on January 20, 2024

This looks great, Paul! No doubt they were great webinars!

Thanks for highlighting some of the key areas!

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