My Doodle Diary: Cubism - Draw or Use Shapes in Keynote


My Doodle Diary: Cubism (Front cover)

To continue the journey of My Doodle Diary from the previous post, a creative endeavour could be to use Cubism to encourage students to draw using the visual alphabet. The Tate Gallery's resource is helpful to introduce this style of art.


Create a self-portrait using the Cubist art style.

It could also be an opportunity to use the hundreds of built-in shapes and symbols library in Keynote to create a cubist design and also to develop the skill in using Break Apart and Combine Shapes. Discussion around geometric shapes in our environment and in art could be included. Mathematics is everywhere!


Use geometric shapes to create a self-portrait in a Cubist style.

The purpose of this Keynote is to:

  • build student and teacher creativity
  • develop drawing skills
  • create a pathway to introducing sketchnoting
  • encourage students and teachers to try something especially when they think they ‘can’t draw’
  • use as a brain break/beginning of year or term task such as a self portrait
  • develop skill in using Keynote by manipulating shapes
  • recognising geometric shapes in the environment and in art
  • utilise as part of a Visual Arts unit on Cubism.

The opportunities are endless! Hope you and your students have fun!


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