Vlog to Learn: Grade 5's Japanese Multiplication Quest

Fifth-grade students used Keynote and iMovie to create a Vlog on the Japanese multiplication method.

After learning about the Japanese multiplication method, students created their sample in Keynote on iPad. 

First, we reviewed the instructions and expectations for the Vlog. The instructions were left projected on the whiteboard and posted to Google Classroom for the students to reference.


In Keynote, students slowly drew their diagrams while recording their screens. Once finished, they placed the video in iMovie. Here, they recorded their instructions. The expectations for this part of the assignment was also posted and shared with the students (see below).

Some students created “cheat sheet notes” to reference during their voice recording, with items such as key vocabulary to mention.

The students were extremely motivated during this lesson and loved creating their own Vlog. If they wanted, they were able to share their Vlog with their classmates, along with some of the other grade 5 students at the school.

Here’s a completed sample:


Happy Learning!


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