Jump Cuts in Clips with Verb Tenses

While collaborating with a first grade teacher recently, we drew inspiration from #12DaysofCreativity Volume 2: Day 2 to have her students create jump cuts in Clips to show mastery of past tense verbs. It was a fun way for students to learn a new tool, Clips, while also rehearsing speaking, writing, and grammar skills.

Steps for the Activity:

1) Give each student two index cards. Have the students write their verb in present tense on one card and in past tense on the other card.

2) Before creating the Clips video, have the students record a video of themselves bringing the present tense verb card towards the camera and another video of themselves bringing the past tense verb card away from the camera. Additionally, have the students ask a partner to take a picture of them holding up both index cards.

3) Have the students start a new Clips project. By selecting the media icon, the students can choose a poster for their title. We had the students title the project "Verb Tenses". To record the title poster, hold down the pink record button for as long as desired. We recommended 4 seconds.

4) The students will now add the videos they previously took of each index card. To insert the videos, students will select the media icon > photos. Select "add to project" when adding each video.

5) To add additional reflection (and to bring in audio), have the students add in the photo of them holding both index cards. When they add in the photo, they will select "preview and record". The students will press and hold the pink record button while identifying which verb was present tense and which verb was past tense and how they knew the difference.

6) The students will want to mute any clip they do not want sound playing from the original recording (the title poster and the two jump cut videos). To mute a clip, select the desired clip > mute.

7) Optional: students can add music to their project or stickers to enhance their content. Look for the music icon in the top right corner of Clips to add soundtracks. Click on each clip > effects to add in stickers, change the filter, add live titles, etc.

Clips can be such a fun tool for students to show understanding of various skills! Try this jump cuts activity when solving math problems, completing an art project, and many more! If you have any additional ideas of ways jump cuts can be used in the classroom, please drop them below.

#12DaysofCreativity Jump Cuts Resource:

Volume 2 - 2020: Clips - Jump Cuts (Resources)


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Posted on December 15, 2023

I'm so glad you took the time to share this activity! It was so fun to see their artifacts and a great way to use jump cuts with content in a surprising way!

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