Animated Jokes with Magic Move

A four-slide Keynote project for experimenting with Magic Move (and Live Video) in a light-hearted and humorous manner. Perfect in the middle grades (and adults).

Text on screen showing the joke, a falling lemon slice, and credits to the tools and creator.
Magic Move Animated Joke

Learning Objective/Intention + Success Criteria


Enhance a Keynote presentation with Magic Move Transitions and Live Video creating a more engaging and interesting experience for others. 

Success Indicators

Customized text within a template, inclusion of edited shape, Magic Move Transitions applied, Live Video embedded, trimmed Screen Recording video to share from Photos.


Adding Slides, Editing Text, Adding/Editing Shapes, Adding/Editing Live Video, Applying/Editing Transitions, Screen Recording.Why - This project is an approachable Keynote skill-booster that remains entertaining, sparks curiosity, and is as fun to watch as it is to create.


Text of joke with a person looking upward.
Live Video and Shape above the Slide

The Process

This project was born out of a desire to increase excitement and fun while exploring a few of Keynote’s powerful and interesting features with learners. From the onset, it was clear that a joke format would yield positive learning outcomes while remaining interesting for the creator. The laughter, collaboration, and excitement to share was all a bonus to the learning outcomes. 

It is recommended to complete the first joke all together. This example is a very simple joke to bring to life. From there, encourage learners to animate more complex jokes. Knock-knock jokes are fun with a door shape and animations.



This project ignites numerous other jokes, idioms, and animated stories as learners grew more and more comfortable with Magic Move, Live Video, and the creative tools in Keynote. Henceforth, student presentations became far more interesting and personalized because they had an expanded skillset to create within Keynote. 

Differentiate by animating short stories, summaries, or emotions. Scaffold by sharing templates populated with personalized. Create your own short videos to include in your own teaching. Export as a GIF to embed elsewhere. 

This process works equally well for visualizing idioms and other potentially confusing figures of speech. Voice controls can be used to edit text, search for shapes, and control all aspects of iPad. 

Make a rubric for assessment of skills, concepts, theme, and more. Share it with students before creating their submitted projects. 


All Comments

Posted on February 25, 2024

What a unique and fun idea - I’m laughing! This certainly is an entertaining and creative way to teach Keynote skills. Super!

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