Student Engagement in Writing using Pages

Co-author: @michaelaOPS

Pages is such a versatile app that can be used creatively by teachers to enhance student engagement in writing. Throughout the year, we encourage students to write and publish their own eBooks using Pages. They can write stories, essays, or research projects and add images, diagrams, and interactive elements to make their eBooks visually appealing and engaging. By leveraging the features of Pages creatively, teachers can enhance student engagement in writing and provide opportunities for collaborative learning, creativity, and digital literacy development. #OPSproud

APPs Used in Unit: Pages & Chatterpix

Process: After completing the prewriting and draft steps, students use the Pages app and template below to type their writing. Then, students use Chatterpix to make their pictures come alive. The Chatterpix jpeg is then inserted into the Pages app. Finally, students publish the writing into an eBook and share with others.

What is the BEST part of this approach to writing? Once students learn to navigate the Pages app, they can more easily and quickly publish writing in future units. Provide them with a template and watch them get excited!


1st Grade Example

Other Writing Ideas We've Used in the Classroom

Collaborative Story Writing: Divide students into groups and assign each group a section of a story to write. Use Pages' collaboration feature to allow students to simultaneously work on the document. This encourages teamwork, creativity, and peer editing skills.

Digital Storyboards: For narrative writing assignments, have students create digital storyboards using Pages. They can organize their ideas visually, add images or sketches, and write descriptions for each scene to plan out their stories effectively.






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Posted on April 05, 2024

Oh this is great! I love how you have utilized the technology to make writing and storytelling even more fun and entertaining. The ability to export from Pages as an EPUB for consumption in Apple Books brings these projects to a new level of professionalism. It's also wonderful that you have shared three examples for different levels. I might even encourage my college students to use Chatterpix for an upcoming project. Thanks for sharing!

Posted on April 11, 2024

Super idea for encouraging writing and engagement! Thanks for the details and example!

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