Decomposing Fractions and Tape Diagrams

I had the opportunity to lead a lesson in one of our 4th grade rooms earlier this school year. We had students create a tape diagram to represent the fraction, then write three to four decompositions of the fraction. Instead of doing this just on paper, we used the iPads to give them the opportunity to create an animation and add their voice, then share the video with their parents!

  1. We let the students change the background of the slide and the tape diagram.
  2. Students added a drawing to create the tape diagram. Then they added the decompositions in the space below.
  3. Students animated their handwriting by using the Line Draw Build In.
  4. Students used Keynote Live Video and screen recorded themselves explaining how they constructed the tape diagram and the decompositions.

Here is an example of what the final product could look like without the Live Video:


The students loved the opportunity to share their videos with their parents afterwards, and they were so proud of the final product! I am attaching the template that was AirDropped to them so that you can try it in your classes as well! I would love to know what adjustments you make, or if you have other ideas for how this project could take another step further.

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Posted on April 01, 2024

What a great way to use Keynote in the math classroom, Eileen! I love how adding animation and audio/video recording, students got the opportunity to explain how they decomposed their fraction!

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