Accessibility in Education for Mac - Resource for Educators

I am an Apple Professional Learning Specialist and Accessibility in Education is my passion. Ensuring Mac is personalised and set up to facilitate learning is so important.

I’d love to share this resource with you “30 Top tips for Accessibility in Education for Mac”, this is a series of quick tips for personalising Mac in both video and written form. I have also created individual downloadable cards for each tip, with both the written pathway and the QR code to the video so you can interact in the way that best suits your learning style. You may also choose to share the cards as a resource for families so that devices at home can be personalised as well. There are two options - 2 cards per page or 6 cards per page.

By showing a 13-year-old young man I worked with how to use 10 of these tools, he no longer needed a reader/writer to go to class with him and this changed everything about his school experience. A few weeks later, his parents reached out and expressed their gratitude. They had tracked me down to convey how profoundly his life, and as a result, their own lives, had transformed due to these simple steps. Never underestimate the power of autonomy! 

I hope these tools create that type of dramatic change for students in your circle of influence also.

You may decide to start with Step 30 just to get some direction on which tools will work for your student. Otherwise, start at the top and work through the ones which the student feels will work for them. If they are not sure, try them and then revisit in a few days, and switch them off if they are not beneficial.

If you need additional support in this area, I am here to help. Just reach out. We all need a helping hand.




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Posted on May 15, 2024

As an educator, but also as a parent of a special needs child, I can't say how positive it is to have something like this. I have just got a copy to give to all my staff, thank you for the amazing work and sharing.

Posted on May 16, 2024

You are very welcome! I hope they help out. If you have suggestions about what you'd like to see next please do let me know.

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