Creating Inclusive & Engaging Content with Clips

Clips is such a powerful app.

At first glance, Clips is a simple to use movie-making app, with a user friendly interface and huge range of engaging special effects - all which can be added within the app with little skill required.

For me though, the true power in Clips lies with just how inclusive this app is. As a teacher, I know that within my class I will always have a wide range of abilities and learning styles, and an app like Clips means I can create instructional videos, or even a short snippet of instructions with both visual and audio elements to ensure I am reaching ALL my learners, and on the flip slide, my students can easily create their own content to share their knowledge and understanding through photos, videos, spoken or written word. 

This video shares how teachers can create quick instructional videos for their students that include features such as subtitles and other visual elements, alongside the teachers spoken voice.

Once teachers have created this video, they can share with students either as a video file, or as an editable Clips project file and then have students use Clips to easily share their knowledge and understanding back with us on a given topic. The following video shows what this might look like for students after receiving the above instructions.

I hope these videos have inspired you to use Clips to create inclusive content for both students and teachers in your learning environment.

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Posted on May 14, 2024

Thank you Rachel for showing how easy Clips can be for instructional videos at all levels! A great way to individualize content and learning!

Posted on May 14, 2024

Thanks for your lovely feedback Cheryl! I managed to convert an unconvinced teacher with this flow during an APL live session yesterday - so here is hoping I can convince a few more teachers to give Clips a go! 🤩

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