Lead Teaching & Learning Innovation with Apple APL Live Summary

Recently, as part of the APL live events, we hosted an insightful webinar titled "Lead Teaching & Learning Innovation with Apple," which delved into the transformative power of technology in education through the lens of Apple resources. Designed for school leaders, the session unveiled a wealth of elements, programs, tools, and resources that can significantly enhance the implementation of technology in educational settings. Reflecting on this enriching experience, we're excited to share key resources and takeaways and highlights that can help you, as an education leader, drive continuous innovation and create a more dynamic learning environment. 


Leadership graphic

In exploring how teaching, environment, and learning intersect, the webinar highlighted the critical role of technology in fostering an interconnected educational ecosystem. Effective teaching methods, supported by cutting-edge tools, can transform the learning environment, making it more engaging and adaptable to individual student needs. By leveraging these innovations, school leaders can create a seamless integration of teaching practices and learning spaces that enhance student outcomes and drive innovation and creativity.

Compass is an effective way of reflection on where you are as a school and how leaders can identify pathways forward. It also provides a great tool for leaders to define their culture and goals.

Contact me directly if you would like the Compass numbers template: paul@usingtechnologybetter.com

We discussed many questions in the webinar around build a culture that inspires innovation. Perhaps the following question may help your leadership team think deeply about the key elements.

  • What does teaching and learning innovation with technology mean to you?
  • What’s one word you would use to describe your vision for learning with technology?
  • What do the best teams do well?
  • What elements foster a culture which inspires innovation?

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