Freeform Class Planning Idea

I have been trying to find a way to plan for my lessons which reduces my workload while supporting my students to know what they will be doing clearly in each lesson. In the past I have ended up writing up a plan for the same lesson in multiple different places which was just a time waster.

I have discovered Freeform is a perfect platform for my planning. I write up each lesson into a template on a class-board which is shared with the students via Classwork or Google Classroom. The students can only view the board, which means what I write in there is safe and can't be changed by them. It is a great way for students who are absent to see what we are doing 'live' in class as everything I write on the board goes straight into the freeform, and is projected on the board, rather than me writing stuff up in whiteboard pen and rubbing it off. It is also a great way to attach images and links for students to go to for the lesson.

I am hoping that I can build up my yearly lesson plans in Freeform and then reuse the board again next year for my new class - hopefully reducing my work for the following years, because I can just tweak things as I go, rather than completely recreate a new plan from scratch.



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June 12, 2024

Outstanding idea and a great way to save time (and white board markers!). Love that the Freeform board is “live” during class. Thanks for the share!

June 12, 2024

Yeah, it is great because I have boys in my class who struggle to see the board so they can have the freeform on their ipad and access the board whenever they need to and even zoom in on things they need to see clearer.

June 13, 2024

Yes, that is an additional plus. It adds to the accessibility of the information.

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