100 Jobs of the Future

Great resource to share with teachers and students to think about jobs for the future


"100 Jobs of the Future is a research project that aims to look at the future of work in an increasingly technologically-driven society. We investigated:

  • major trends and issues associated with major drivers of change – technological disruption, scientific innovation, climate change, globalisation, and population changes;
  • the changes in work that will occur in key industries and domains;
  • the jobs that will emerge in the future as a result of these changes; and
  • the skills and interests that are needed for these jobs.

Having identified 100 jobs that represent key work futures in major domains and industries, we have designed a ‘job explorer tool’ called the Future Job Quiz, to help young people think about work futures, and how their aptitudes, career interests and skills might lead them towards these jobs.

If you are entering the workforce now you may have many jobs and even multiple careers over a lifetime! The future of work will involve people collaborating effectively with machines to do what neither can do alone. What jobs will be created in the future that don’t currently exist? How can we prepare for future jobs? What skills will be needed?"

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