Optimize Your Time: Tips to Organize Digital Resources

Utilizing Safari Tab Groups, on iPad or Mac, increases efficiencies and helps to better organize your digital life, as a teacher, coach, administrator or more. By optimizing your tab usage, you can take focus off of the managerial components of your role and prioritize what's important.

1. Review: Review your tab usage by asking essential questions: what tabs do I use, when do I put them to use, and why do I use them?


GIF image of multiple different browser tabs opening on the window.

2. Create Categories: Based on your audit, create a list (written or mental) of potential tab groups that will allow you to customize your digital resources to fit your needs. Some ideas of sample grouping can be found below.


A table with three columns and four rows. The table headers are "Role," "Organization," and "Tab Group Name Samples."

3. Build Your Tab Groups on iPad: While on one of your frequently used tabs, open the tab menu on Safari. In the pop-up, click the plus sign and then select "New Tab Group with # Tabs." Title your tab group based on your needs and repeat as necessary.


A GIF showing the process of creating a new tab group in a web browser on iPad.

4. Build Your Tab Groups on Mac: While on one of your browser, toggle on "sidebar." Click File and select "New Empty Tab Group." Rename your New Tab Group. Toggle open your tabs, right click, hover over move to Tab Group, and select the group you'd like to drop your tab into.

GIF demonstrating the steps of creating Tab Groups to organize content in Safari Web Browser

5. Customize, Organize, Optimize: Toggle in between tab groups with ease. Customize your Tab Group titles based on your audit and sort. Rearrange your tab groups to best suit your work flow. Customize based off of your creativity. Optimize your time!

GIF of naming tab groups, moving tab groups, and customizing tab groups using Safari Web Browser.

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