Structure your PLC: Agenda Template

Effective meetings are crucial for productive collaboration, efficient time management, and achieving educational goals. This agenda, designed in Pages, is designed to streamline team meetings, ensuring that every session is focused, organized, and productive.

Download the PLC Agenda Template below.

Screenshot of the PLC Agenda Template that includes team norms, members, agenda topics, discussion notes, and results.

Features of the Agenda Template

Running Agenda: Teams can utilize one running agenda to track the progress of the work they do as a team. Using the Table of Contents, one can jump to a certain date within the running agenda document. To get another, copy the text and tables and paste them at the top of the agenda.

An animated GIF showing the steps of how to turn on the Table of Contents feature in Pages.
Team Norms: Teams should create their own norms that they will use during the meeting. These norms will help streamline the meeting process, ensuring that time is used efficiently and the focus remains on the agenda items.

Screenshot of the agenda template highlighting the team norms section.

Meeting Participants: Agendas allow participants to prepare in advance, leading to more informed discussions and better decision-making. When teachers come prepared, they can contribute more effectively to the meeting.

Screenshot of the agenda template highlighting the participants section.
Focused Topics: Agendas provide a clear outline of what needs to be discussed, ensuring that all participants are aware of the meeting's objectives. This prevents meetings from veering off-topic and helps in maintaining a clear focus on important issues. 

Screenshot of the agenda template highlighting the topics and time section.

Discussion Notes: This template allows for discussion notes to be documented during the meeting. Participants can refer back to the agenda at any time to see what items were discussed, even if they were absent.  

Screenshot of the agenda template highlighting the discussion notes section.

Results: Agendas help in assigning responsibilities and setting clear action items. This enhances accountability and ensures that follow-up actions are taken.

Screenshot of the agenda template highlighting the results section.

Action Steps:

  • Download PLC Agenda
  • Customize PLC Agenda as needed
  • Share PLC Agenda with colleagues
  • Visit the Learning Center to discover how to use Pages to create your own Pages template.


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