How To Get Started Today with a Student Newscast



Starting a student newscast doesn't have to be daunting! You'll be sharing the forecast, lunch options, birthdays and more throughout your school in no time!

With Apple's easy-to-use Clips app, and the FREE template included in this post, creating a student news broadcast has never been easier. Clips provides a simple yet powerful platform for students to confidently deliver their updates, in a way they'll be thrilled to explore!

Download the free Clips Newscast Template below!

The attached Clips template has posters preset for you to create your newscast! Simply download, open with the Clips app, and duplicate the project for each news show. The template includes posters for the following: Weather, Lunch Choices, Birthdays, Sports, Today in History, and Joke of the Day.

Easy Steps to Create and Share

  1. Record Your Clips: Students simply record their segments for each category using the Clips app. Whether it's a weather report, a birthday shout-out, or a sports update, each clip is easily captured with the app's intuitive interface.
  2. Organize with Tap and Drag: Once clips are recorded, students can rearrange them effortlessly by tapping and dragging within the Clips timeline at the bottom of the screen. This flexibility allows for easy customization and ensures a smooth flow from segment to segment.
  3. Finalize and Share: After organizing their clips, students can add any additional effects, text, or emojis to enhance their video. When satisfied, they can tap the share arrow to save their video and prepare it for sharing.
  4. Upload and Share with Your School: The final step is to upload the completed video to a platform where it can be shared with the entire school community—whether it's on the school's website, a shared drive, or through a messaging app.

Why Use Clips for Student News?

Student news is a great way for your students to develop their own confidence, soft skills and communication, while diving into an engaging experience that gives them the opportunity to be creative while also learning more about each topic they report on. Throughout the process, they'll become digitally literate learners with skills that will be adaptable to ever-changing technology.

Clips also includes a whole world of filters, stickers, labels and more! As students grow in their newscasting abilities, they can add these in to level up their newscasts!

Try It Out!

Ready to empower your students to become news anchors and reporters? Try using Clips templates for your next student news broadcast and watch as creativity and enthusiasm soar. It's a fantastic way to blend technology with learning while keeping your school community informed and entertained.

To use this file:

Check to be sure you have the free Clips app. If not, download it!

Download the Zip file below (from your iPad)

Go to Files, tap the Downloads folder, tap the "" file to unzip.

Tap the unzipped file "StudentNews.clipspkg"

Tap the share arrow in the upper right corner, and open with Clips. (NOTE: if Clips doesn't show up in your list of apps, be sure you have it downloaded).

Once downloaded, take a quick walk to give it a chance to load, then get started!


Have you tried using Clips templates for student news broadcasts? Share your experiences and tips in the comments below! Together, let's inspire the next generation of multimedia storytellers.


4 replies

July 12, 2024

Super - as a former Journalism teacher this is a real find! So easy to get a newscast going with your instructions and such a great literacy lesson and activity for students. Thanks!

July 14, 2024

I love this!

Thank you for sharing. My 6th grade scientists are going to love this!

July 14, 2024

This is a great template to begin your students’ news broadcast! It does take a few minutes to load (it worked for me when I closed it and opened it again). Be sure to visit the Clips Foundational Skills in the Learning Center for help using Clips!

July 15, 2024

Just getting started with a news crew at one of my schools! Can’t wait to share this template with the team! Thanks so much for the share. Clips is such a versatile app and the students are going to love creating for their peers to view!

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