Maximising Professional Learning Impact: Keynote deck and session resources

I was really grateful to have the opportunity to lead a workshop during the #ANZSummit24 PL sessions today, and was humbled by how everyone really leaned in to the reflection questions and group activity.

If you’re interested in looking back over the slide deck, you can view and download it here- please feel free to take it and use whatever parts resonated with you. The book can be found here, and it will link you to the journal and one page resources. If you’d like to run a similar group activity around the circles of control and influence and the PL elements, you can download and print the cards from here. I used Mentimeter to set up the reflection questions- just a free account. You can go over the 50 participant cap for free accounts once a month, which came in really handy today.

I’m really looking forward to another day of great conversations about all of the incredible things we are learning together.

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