Creativity in STEM: Game making with Apple Reality Composer

I taught my STEM elective class Augmented Reality in 2021-22 by using Reality Composer. I was inspired by Paul Hamilton's tutorials and used them to teach my students the basics. They had to create a game using Reality Composer, code an AR experience using Swift Playgounds, and shoot a reflection video. Then they needed to play the game and screen-record themselves. Another STEM based project on rocketry required students to launch a rocket using Reality Composer as well. They needed to launch a rocket with a launcher, and it needed to descend with a parachute. I have included task details, rubrics and student project videos and reflection videos.

Reality Composer is more than just an AR experience creator. You may add interactivity and create games. Next time, I would include a script writing activity for students to write their scripts and a user experience design activity for students to design their user interface before building it.

Download the keynote file, watch the videos, and start creating your own Reality Composer games.


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