Augmented Reality in the classroom with Reality Composer - ANZ Apple Community Summit

ANZ Apple Community Summit Workshop

Augmented Reality can be described as a digital layer over the analog world. It has a wide variety of applications in the classroom. AR allows students to leverage a digital approach to learning that is visual, tangible and self directed. It has high levels of engagement and allows students to personalise learning and take ownership of the project.

The workshop will show a number of curriculum classroom projects then engage teachers in a practical demonstration with Reality Composter. Participants will need to download the Pages file below (AR Apple Community Summit Poster). During the session the template will then be personalised by adding a photo highlight to each placeholder for Connect, Learn and Share.

Participants will record a short audio recording to complement the images. For example - "My Apple community summit highlights include connecting with old friends, learning more about Swift Playgrounds and sharing new ideas with colleges in person and online."

Participants will also need a full length photo of themselves. This can be taken in the session if needed (see example below).

The workshop is designed to give teachers the basic skills required to teach students this workflow at school and has a wide variety of curriculum applications in the classroom.


AR Apple Community Template
AR Apple Community Template
Example full length image
Example full length image

The workshop is also supported by a YouTube tutorial featuring a similar project workflow.


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