Using Mac and iPad Together: Tips and Tricks

Use Mac and iPad together to optimize your workflows and streamline productivity. Continuity features help the tools you use everyday work as one cohesive unit.

Before getting started, there are a few items we need to consider.

• Ensure that both devices are logged into the same Apple ID and on the same WiFi network

Check device compatibility

Develop a flow with Handoff, Universal Control, and Universal Clipboard

If you are in need of moving quickly and easily between devices you can use Universal Control. By simply taking your pointer and pushing through the edge of your screen you can use the same control devices (Mouse, Trackpad, or keyboard) on both devices. This allows you to do things like drag and drop images and text between devices quickly and multitask at a higher level. Level up your productivity by leveraging the full power of Mac and iPad together!

Step 1: 


Move your mouse pointer to in the direction of the iPad.

Step 2: 


Push the pointer through to the iPad screen.

Step 3: 


You should be able to control both devices with your Mac keyboard and trackpad now. You can adjust screen placement in Settings>Displays on your Mac.

In addition to being able to drag and drop between devices you can easily transfer if you copy text or images on one device using Universal Clipboard. Once it is enabled it is as simple as copying on one device and pasting on the next.

If you are working in apps like Keynote, Pages, or Numbers another great way to utilize both devices is Continuity Markup and Sketch. If you are working on your Mac and need to make a quick Sketch or Markup all you need to do is follow the steps below.

When you need an image or video on your Mac that you just cannot get with the FaceTime camera, try the Continuity Camera feature. This can be used from anywhere camera inputs can be selected. 

If any of the items listed above are not working please check out the links below to ensure everything is enabled.

Enable Handoff

Enable Universal Clipboard

Enable Universal Control

Need an impromptu display for small groups?

There might be instances where you need to work with smaller groups of learners and need a quick, easy way to display information. There are a couple of ways to display the information unimpeded without compromising your ability to interact with the items you are presenting. 

Working on iPad?

If you are presenting from your iPad and would like to use your Mac as a display you can use AirPlay to Mac. Once the option is enabled on your Mac you should see it in the list of AirPlay options in control center.

Step 1:


Mac on a table next to an iPad
Open Control Center and choose the screen mirroring/AirPlay option on your iPad.

Step 2:


A Mac on a table next to an iPad
Choose your Mac from the screen mirroring list.

Step 3:


A Mac on a table next to an iPad
Your iPad Screen should now be displaying on your Mac! (Exit by cancelling screen mirroring)

Working on Mac?

If the Mac is your tool of choice for presenting to the smaller group. You can utilize Sidecar. This will allow you to use the iPad as a mirrored or extended display. (One of the cool parts about this approach is you can use Apple Pencil input for some interaction as well. This would be a great tool for quick review games)

Step 1:


A Mac on a table next to an iPad.
Choose Control Center and Select the Screen Mirroring option.

Step 2:


A Mac on a table next to an iPad.
Select your iPad from the list.

Step 3:


A Mac on a table next to an iPad.
You should now be mirroring your Mac to your iPad!

You can also use sidecar any time to extend your display for more screen real estate no matter where you are!

If you are having issues with this section check out the link below.

Enable AirPlay to Mac

Continuity features like Handoff, Continuity Camera, Continuity Markup and Sketch, Sidecar, Universal Clipboard, Universal Control, and AirPlay to Mac are great tools to help streamline your workflows during planning and in class. 

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