Challenge: Boosting Voter Registration and Turnout for a Stronger Democracy

Youth voter turnout and registration are crucial for a vibrant democracy. Barriers like registration complexity and lack of awareness hinder young voters. This challenge empowers students to research, educate, and mobilize their peers to increase voter engagement. By conducting voter registration drives, creating educational materials, and leveraging social media campaigns, students will drive a significant impact in their community. Every new voter contributes to a stronger, more representative democracy.

Big Idea: Civic Engagement/ Voter Turnout

Essential Questions:

• How can we increase youth voter registration and turnout in our community?

• Why is it important for young people to participate in the voting process?

Challenge: Mobilize others to register to vote and participate in elections

Guiding Questions:

• What barriers do young people face when it comes to registering and voting?

• How does voter participation impact local and national elections?

• What organizations in our community are already working to increase voter engagement?

Guiding Activities and Resources:

1. Research Current Voter Registration and Turnout Statistics:

• Investigate voter registration rates and turnout statistics for young people in your community and state. Identify trends and areas for improvement.

2. Interview Local Election Officials and Young Voters:

• Conduct interviews with election officials, and use online research to understand the registration process and challenges. Talk to young voters to gather insights on their experiences and barriers to voting.

3. Educational Materials and Social Media Campaigns:

• Create and distribute flyers, posters, and social media content to raise awareness about voter registration deadlines, polling locations, and the importance of voting.

4. Voter Registration Drives:

• Plan and execute voter registration drives at school and local community events. Partner with organizations like Rock the Vote or local election boards to facilitate the process.

Get Started:

Download the attached Challenge Organizer to implement this challenge with your community of learners. Be sure to visit Challenge Based Learning to download additional resources.

Download The Implementation Guide Below



2 replies

July 12, 2024

Wonderful Challenge Based Learning lesson and activity. I've been thinking about creating an activity along the lines of voting and now I have one thanks to you! So important for students to be engaged in our Democracy.

Can you also publish this over in the Challenge Based Learning area of our Apple Education Community (CBL Central)?

July 12, 2024

Thanks for sharing, Shep! I will be sharing this with our social studies department!

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