Creating American Sign Language Video Journals...using Notes!

Video Journals 

Keeping a journal of vocabulary is crucial for a student learning a new language, or when needing to practice any vocabulary learning. In this example, I will be showing American Sign Language (ASL) examples but you can use this idea with any vocabulary or world language learning. 

Enhance Retention Through Vocabulary Review

Vocabulary review helps reinforce new words and phrases, track progress, and enhance retention. Using the Apple Notes app to create video journals can be an incredibly effective tool for this purpose. Notes integration with the camera allows you to record high-quality videos directly within a note, making it easy to document your learning journey and practice signing.


An iPad screen shows the "ASL Video Journals" note with two video thumbnails of a woman signing in ASL.
Video Journal in Notes on iPad

This is particularly beneficial for ASL learners, as a visual language it provides a medium that captures the nuances of signing more effectively than text. In Notes, you can categorize and tag these video entries using hashtags (#), allowing for easy organization and quick access to specific lessons or vocabulary. To learn more about using notes go to the Notes User Guide

Active Learning With Notes

This functionality is invaluable for reviewing your progress, preparing for exams, and practicing outside of the classroom and on the go! As long as you are signed into the same Apple ID your Notes app will sync across all Apple devices ensuring that your video journals are always up-to-date and available wherever you are, adding a layer of flexibility and convenience to your learning process.


A MacBook screen shows "ASL Video Journals" with a video thumbnail of a woman signing in ASL.
Video Journal in Notes on Macbook.

In Conclusion

Keeping a video journal using the Apple Notes app can significantly enhance vocabulary retention and active learning for students across various subjects. By leveraging the app’s integration with the camera, learners can document their progress through high-quality video entries, effectively capturing the nuances of their studies. The ability to categorize and tag videos with hashtags allows for efficient organization and quick access to specific lessons, making it a versatile tool for both in-class and on-the-go practice. 


An iPhone screen shows "ASL Video Journals" with two video thumbnails of a woman signing in ASL.
Video journal in Notes app with iPhone.

Synchronization across all Apple devices adds an extra layer of convenience, ensuring that students' learning materials are always up-to-date and accessible wherever they are. This method not only aids in exam preparation but also supports continuous improvement and engagement with the subject matter.

2 replies

July 15, 2024

I use Notes all the time, but never thought of how effective the app is with video! Thanks for the idea Kathy and for the example you provided with American Sign Language - so cool!

July 16, 2024

After having chatted with you about the format to use for this project, I enjoyed seeing that you landed on using Notes! Great idea that can be adapted for video tutorials of all kinds!

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