Swift Playgrounds: Get Started with Apps - Spoiler Alert - EVERYONE really can code!

Using iPads in the classroom? Considering trying Swift Playgrounds? My advice is to jump right in and get started coding. Launch Swift Playgrounds, navigate to Learn to Code and Build Apps, and download a copy of Get Started With Apps. 

Get Started with Apps

Here's a quick tip for new users on one of the basic navigation tools that will ensure your experience is a success and build your confidence along the way!

 Pro Tip: Easily Toggle Between Preview and Guides on the right hand side of the screen.



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August 30, 2022

You're definitely right with everyone can code and Swift Playgrounds is a fantastic place to start. I'm interested in your opinion of diving straight into app building first? Is this done to satisfy the children's visual goals to make something they can see and interact with or more the desire to be achievable to as many different learners as possible?

I ask this as I approach from a slightly different direction with my software engineers head on and with students that already have a desire to learn to code. I go through the Learn to Code 1 & 2 modules first to pick up the basics of the Swift language before moving on to Get Started with Apps & Keep Going with Apps modules to pick up the basics of SwiftUI.

I sometimes feel that on this path the Learn to Code modules don't always deliver the results the children are looking for fast enough through their isometric world visualisations, but I also know that as a developer understanding the underlying foundations to the language are important. I try to keep them motivated through the first modules by adding my own why's and explinations to what they are doing.



September 03, 2022

I definitely agree starting with Learn to Code 1 & 2 is ideal for picking up basics of Swift language. However, if students have not completed those modules, I wouldn't let that stop you from jumping into Get Started with Apps. In my experience, middle schoolers can easily navigate the playground with little assistance. And, being able to visually see what they are creating definately enhances students overall experience. Having this ability is not only motivating but creates the opportunity for a final product that can be showcased and added to their student portfolios.

August 30, 2022

I agree, Apple have made coding really accessible for all. Even I was able to create a simple app! I think it's great that Swift has developed further as we were struggling of what was the next natural step for students in primary schools. Now they are able to design and create their own app and publish it!

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