Fall Imaginariums to Unleash Creative Genius

Creativity, in the fabric of humanity, is wild and untamed, quiet and subtle, quirky and mysterious. More than ideas and brainstorming, creative thinking has given us the modern world. And the consistent practice of creativity cultivates a confidence unparalleled to other learning experiences.

A year ago, I launched what I called my "Year of Creative Confidence." Not exactly sure what would transpire, I set forth on a journey to discover all that encompasses creative practice. From design thinking to cognitive flexibility to what fires the imagination, I researched and explored what it meant to engage and train the mind, heart, and hands for creative process and creative product. Well...here we are, 12 months later and the year is complete and with it, over 300 pages of creative practice designed for K-12 students (well...really anyone) for developing skills such as ideation, visualization, complex thinking, and prototyping.

Fall Imaginariums are collections of learning experiences, rooted in research-based creative thinking strategies, design thinking methods, and cognitive flexibility. Each collection is designed for K-12 students AND teachers to engage the imagination, expand creative thinking skills, and build creative confidence.

To access each Imaginarium, click or tap on each title or download attachments below. Available in Apple Pages and PDF, each imaginarium is designed to use as is or remix as needed for individualized learning environment. Yes...go ahead and unleash your creative genius! ❤️

August Imaginarium - The Building One - is focused on skills and behaviors of an entrepreneurial mindset. This includes strategies such as goal-setting, visualization, ideation, reflection, and elaboration.

Illustration of Thumbprint on the world

September Imaginarium - The First One - is focused on design thinking and creative thinking strategies such as ideation, prototyping, observing, dreaming, and problem-spotting.


October Imaginarium - The Fall One - is focused on design thinking and cognitive flexibility strategies such as empathy, social-emotional learning, prototyping, and ambiguities.



November Imaginarium - The Thankful One - is focused on deep dives into visualization, exploration, and imagination.



Watch of Winter Imaginariums posting later this fall! 🎊





All Replies

Posted on August 27, 2022

Wonderful deigns and prompts. So creative to have these ongoing throughout a school year - great idea!

Posted on August 28, 2022

Fantastic work on these, Susan!

I love your designs and lesson ideas. So adaptable for any classroom!

Posted on October 18, 2022


We have been using these activities for students to create during our Wellness Wednesday time. The students are excited every Wednesday to create and share!

Posted on October 19, 2022

Yay! Thanks so much!!

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