Effects with GarageBand for iPad

Students created an audio recording project using GarageBand on iPad to learn more about different audio effects.

Learning Objectives for this lesson: 

  • Create an audio recording project including drums and loops.
  • Understand different audio effects. 
  • Apply audio effects to a recording.


Effects journal cover. The individual letters of the word ‘Effects’ are placed within coloured mixing desk faders.

This project allows students to be more creative about how they learn subject content. 

Rather than just research or rote learn definitions of different audio effects, students were challenged to be more creative and learn new skills by recording their definitions, applying effects and adding music to create a unique and personalised project. 


Definitions of different processing effects used in mosaic and audio recording environments.

Students demonstrated their learning by creating an audio recording project with GarageBand on iPad. They began by researching definitions of different audio processing effects. 

Then, they recorded their definitions in separate tracks in a GarageBand project. They then applied the relevant effect to each definition. For example, adding an echo effect to their recorded spoken definition of ‘echo’.

And, you can download the journal here to use with your students: https://bit.ly/EffectsGB

Or, download the attached Pages journal below to get started! 

This lesson formed part of my Apple Teacher Portfolio as an ‘Explore’ lesson, but could be easily adapted and used as an ‘Apply’ lesson depending on the age, skill level, positioning of the activity, and has lots of opportunities for extension activities.  

I used this lesson with my 3rd Year Music class (14-15 years old), but it could easily be used in different contexts with other age groups too!



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Posted on August 28, 2022

I love this! Thanks for sharing it. Though now I'm going to have your example of autotune stuck in my head all day.

I'm thinking I could adapt this for camera filters and settings, including their potential effects on audiences.

Thank you.

Posted on August 31, 2022

No problem — thanks so much!

🤣 It gets stuck in my head sometimes too!

Yes! 🙌 Totally an idea that could be adapted for camera filters too! I’d love to see what you do with that!

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