Going digital with sheet music using forScore

Over the past year I've been purchasing only digital books for my drum lessons and even selling my paper copies I've replaced. I'm UK based and use the TCL Classical & Jazz and the TCL Rock & Pop Syllabus as well as some of the ABRSM material for percussion. The free digital downloads on the ABRSM website of their snare drum and timpani studies are a great start to getting used to digital sheet music. I'm hoping to pick up the RSL digital books when funds allow!

I use the forScore app for storing all my sheet music. It gets better each year with major updates. The setlist feature is probably the apps forte, and the ability to attach audio from your Apple Music library to the sheet music simplifies running backing tracks for students.

There's also a whole host of gestures you can customise and my favourite is a 2 finger tap to start/stop the metronome.

The bookmarks feature is great too, it allows you to create smaller files from a larger book. You can then name, assign metadata, bpm and backing tracks to each piece/song. It's then really easy to print or share each individual piece rather than navigating a larger pdf file. It also means those printed/shared copies are the highest quality and not a poor version like scanned copies of books always are.

Has anyone else went all digital with their music teaching materials? What are you using and how do you find it? I originally started using forScore when I was working as a drummer on cruise ships and have realised it's amazing for educational use!

Oh, and all this still runs smoothly on my now 7 year old 12.9" 2015 iPad Pro! 😲


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Posted on August 30, 2022

Great to hear how you have gone digital, much kinder for the environment and great that you get updates regularly.

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