Collaboration Creates “Joy”

Ten books, an App and over 120 professional learning activities all got their seed during an International Apple Distinguished Educator Institute in Berlin, Germany. During that July 2016 week I was fortunate to be part of a collaborative team of educators who set in motion the creation of the book series The Joy of Professional Learning #JPL. The series provides coaches, integration specialists, technology coordinators and educators with lively and innovative professional learning activities to enhance teacher engagement during professional learning.

The Team

Designed and organized by ADE Kurt Klynen, our #JPL team worked collaboratively, meeting together online to brainstorm each title and then dividing and working individually. The initial team members were located in Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands, Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, Nebraska and California.  It was a joy to work with this team, although finding the best hours to connect and collaborate could be challenging.  However the wide variety of contributions made the activities unique and diverse.  The process certainly speaks to the power of authentic collaboration.

The Books   

Joy of Professional Learning #JPL Series in the Apple Book Store
Joy of Professional Learning #JPL Series in the Apple Book Store

The Joy of Professional Learning…

  1. - The Basics - Part One
  2. - The Basics - Part Two
  3. - Innovative Professional Learning
  4. - The Guest Chefs
  5. - Strategies For Leaders
  6. - The Games Edition
  7. - More Guest Chefs
  8. - The Little Black Book of Conferences
  9. - Professional Reflection
  10. - Collaborative Learning

The recipes in the books, published to the Apple Book store also spun off into conferences, playgrounds and games under the leadership of Kurt Klynen.

The Joy

One of my favorite #JPL recipes is Speed Dating found in Book 3 - Innovative Professional Learning. (You might recognize this pre-pandemic Speed Dating Activity held in the Apple rooms of an ISTE conference - now possible again!)



Have you tried any of the recipes with your staff? See if some of the recipes brings that Joy back into Professional Learning.   


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September 25, 2022

These books are amazing and is making me miss the special connections made at institute. Do you know if they are being updated at all? Or more coming out?

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