Globalisation Word Art

In this lesson, students created Word Art using Keynote based on the word ‘globalisation’, as they reflected on the pros and cons of our globalised world.

Learning Objectives for this lesson: 

  • Understand the term globalisation and its various contexts.
  • Create ‘Globalisation Word Art’ using letters, drawing, shapes and images.
  • Reflect on the pros and cons of a globalised world.


The word globalisation, with each letter represented by a different icon or shape. For example, the letter ‘l’ is a banana.

Students demonstrated their learning by creating ‘Globalisation Word Art’ to visually display their understanding of globalisation — a very complex and in-depth concept — and as part of their reflection on global interconnections.

Approaching this topic in a more creative way allowed students to express their understanding and feelings about global interconnectivity and encourage further reflection and thinking. 

Students were given choice over the format and medium when creating their word art, with some using Sketches School and others using Keynote with a combination of drawing, text, shapes and images. 


The word globalisation, with each letter represented by a drawing of a related symbol or item. For example, ‘l’ is a banana.

Then, they screen recorded their word art and added a voiceover to further demonstrate their learning and show understanding. 


This lesson formed part of my Apple Teacher Portfolio as an ‘Activate’ lesson, but could be easily adapted and used as an ‘Explore’ lesson depending on the age, skill level, positioning of the activity, and has lots of opportunities for extension activities.  

I used this lesson with my 3rd Year Geography classes (14-15 years old), but it could easily be used in different contexts with other age groups too! 

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Posted on September 02, 2022

Such a creative way to either introduce the concept of Globalization or as a creative assessment activity! Students will need to think about the concept to provide the text, images or drawings for each letter - and then explain it! Impressive! I’ll be passing this along to the social studies teachers I work with.

Posted on September 02, 2022

Thanks, Cheryl!

Yes — you’re absolutely right: it totally works either as an introduction and for assessment purposes.

And, can spark great classroom discussions!

Posted on September 05, 2022

Great idea. I can see this being used with so many different topics and easily scalable for any grade. 🤩

Posted on September 05, 2022

Thanks, Laurie. Yes, absolutely! 💯

This really could work across any subject area, and the ability to use Keynote shapes, drawing or combinations of these provides great personalisation options for students!

Posted on September 09, 2022

Great way of demonstrating representation and simple too with effective results especially when students can choose to use shapes or go all out with their own sketches. I think this will be a popular one with our TYs.

Posted on September 09, 2022

Thanks, Miriam! They really love how personalised they can make a project like this. And, it’s so easily adaptable to other subject content areas too!

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