Scaffolding New Learning in the Primary Classroom: Writing Numbers 1-10

Gradually releasing students to independent practice with any new skill is an intricate process that involves modeling, providing support, sharing knowledge, soliciting questions, and adjusting pace. What if we could leverage iPad to help us provide some of these things for students?

A few months ago a kindergarten teacher came to me and told me her students were struggling with learning the path of movement for writing numbers 1-10. The teacher was feeling overwhelmed with the large amount of new skills she needed to teach and was concerned about the amount of time she was spending on this one skill. However, this was an assessed skill for the current learning quarter and she didn’t want to move on before her students were ready. She asked if I had any ideas for providing students with an interactive way to practice this skill, but to also free her up so she could work with small groups of students on other learning targets that were also a primary focus at the time.

This interactive workbook created in Pages includes a video demonstration for how to write each number narrated with a path of movement poem created by the teacher, an audio clip of steps required for writing each number, guided practice for writing the number along with space for independent practice.



We taught the students how to use the book in a quick five minute demonstration before providing time for them to practice independently. The teacher was able to meet with her small groups while students worked intently and enthusiastically. Additionally, a large majority of students mastered this skill within a week.

How are you using iPad in your classroom to scaffold learning for your students?

Feel free to download this book to use with your students or remix it to better meet your students needs.


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Posted on September 01, 2022

Thank you so much for posting this, Lindsay! I know it can be a struggle to find ways for younger learners to work independently, especially when topics need to be scaffolded and instruction differentiated. The how-to videos included on each page are an amazing way to have students rewatch instruction as many times as they need.

Posted on September 01, 2022

I really enjoy the simplicity and theme of this! The video and audio makes it a perfect lesson for an independent center. Thanks for sharing!

Posted on September 02, 2022

This is fantastic! Thank you for sharing! I know many primary teachers that will love this resource! Like Ronit said, the videos embedded are a wonderful way of maximizing the teacher so that each kid can watch it as many times as needed.

Posted on November 01, 2022

This is amazing, do you have one for ABC letter writing?

Posted on November 01, 2022

I LOVE this scaffold 🫶🏻 and LOVE reading this book with my early years students at the start of a school year. What an amazing resource. Thanks for sharing! 🙌🏻

Posted on November 01, 2022

Thanks for sharing such a great resource!

Posted on January 18, 2023

This.Is.Amazing!! Thank you so much for creating it and sharing it!

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