30 Days of Photography - Uncover the Hidden

When we play, no matter our age, we engage our imaginations, build creative confidence, and increase the neural connections in our brains. Moreover, play can reduce stress, ease anxiety, and boost joy and self-esteem. It can build literacy skills through communication, listening, and exploration of narrative structures. And play enhances curiosity, deepens critical thinking, and nurtures adaptive pathways, all of which can contribute to a successful future. 

Photography is one of the most celebrated forms of art. Every person can be a photographer using iPad Camera in today's modern world. With photography, one can discover beauty in the simple, explore the most complex systems, and experience the world beyond the classroom. 

30 Days of Photography is designed for creative play using Apple’s iPad/iPhone Camera. From playing with filters to playing with adjustments to exploring different perspectives, each page contains a prompt or challenge to elevate and extend photography skills. 



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Posted on October 04, 2022

This will work out great for an after school program I am working with.

Posted on October 04, 2022

Love this Susan! Thanks for sharing! The camera can often be overlooked, under-utilized and taken for granted with the mobility of iPad. The possibilities and potential are endless as you know and you have created a wonderful framework for someone to plug and play today! Thank you for sharing your greatness!

Posted on October 05, 2022

I love this Susan! This would have been so perfect when I was teaching photography. Now I’ll use it to continue practicing my photo skills with my new camera (iPhone!)

Posted on October 06, 2022

You always create the most beautiful templates, Susan! I'm excited to share this with the preservice teachers I work with, especially our Art Education majors. What a fun way to encourage creative uses of the camera; such a simple yet powerful tool!

Posted on October 06, 2022

Susan! This is rad. I love how you are sharing your love of learning with the world. Keep it up!

Posted on October 13, 2022

This is amazing!!! Starting this with 3rd and 4th next week!!

Posted on October 21, 2022

You always have such creative ideas, Susan. Looking forward to looking through your 30 days!

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