Let's Write a Report Using ChatGPT!

I've been doing a bit of experimenting using the ChatGPT website that launched for open free use about a week ago. It uses Artificial Intelligence to write, and it writes based on a prompt, can rewrite or summarize text, and can even write code.


I made a short demo video (using Clips) showing a prompt of a report assignment that I used to do with 4th grade that would take several sessions to complete. Now it takes seconds!

Let's write a report about Yellowstone National Park using Chat GPT: 

We need to be aware and consider how AI (Artificial Intelligence) writing can/will impact Education (for both good and bad). Over the years, we've faced shifts because of spell check and text-to-speech. It will be interesting to see where this takes us!


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December 15, 2022

Thanks Karen, ChatGPT is certainly the “talk of the educational town”. There is also another recent post under Leadership in our Apple Education Community Let’s Talk! An Exploration on ChatGPT and Its Implications on Education. Reactions have been varied by teachers at my high schools - everything from worries about plagiarism to wondering how this can be used in the classroom. Lots of ideas. Looking forward to the conversation.

January 02, 2023

Thanks for the link - I will check it out!

December 22, 2022

I agree that there are interesting implications for education in AI tools like this, Karen! I'm going to add a session on AI in my educational technology course in the spring semester, so that our preservice teachers can explore tools like this and consider the implications for their future K-12 classrooms. Like Cheryl said in her comment, the reactions to ChatGPT from educators have been wide-ranging, from the very negative to the curious to the creative. I think having these conversations with our students is an important part of helping to build their media literacy as well. We all need to ask ourselves how messages are shaped by both people and technologies.

January 01, 2023

Love seeing the call for students to engage this through a Media Literacy lens in the comments, but I think we as educators need to do the same so we can properly facilitate and lead well during this clear disruption in education.

Fear makes everyone run in patterned directions based on prior experience. We as teachers not only need to identify our "defaults" but guide our students through this process as well. Experts agree we are just at the beginning of this Chatbot revolution so preparing students for an age of thinking machines is essential.

I'm excited to engage my students when we return from break in this conversation. As creators, problem solvers, and collaborators they are prepared better than most already.

January 02, 2023

Yes, I think many teacher will be afraid of this development and think that blocking the site is the answer. It will be interesting to see how your students react!

January 02, 2023

Jessica, I think it is wise to add it to your class. Like almost everything with tech, there can be benefit and harm. It is important for future students to consider both perspectives. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds over the next months and years.

December 23, 2022

I think that AI can provide advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages, an student can have a approach to some themes asking and them share that in the classroom.

Disadvantages, could cheat on a essay.

The point herenis that type of assignments do we ask for. As before, if the assignment could be answer with a copy and paste process, even if we discover is plagiarism, what we need to refocus our activity.

January 02, 2023

Absolutely! Just like we have had to rethink evaluating learning when we realized students could simply Google an answer or copy/paste text. The important thing right now is to be aware and considering the implications.

January 06, 2023

Great post, Karen! I've been doing a lot of thinking about the impact of AI on education, and my most recent newsletter summarizes my thinking right now. Check it out:


January 08, 2023

Thanks Michael - such good points to reflect on in your blog post.

January 09, 2023

Michael, thanks for the link to your post. As always, very thoughtful!

January 07, 2023

Great post. This is certainly a hot topic in education at the moment and I am keen to have a play with it in the classroom. I too am very interested to see where AI like ChatGPT will take us!

February 01, 2023

Great comments made ahead of the firestorm which has erupted over January.

Since your post there has been several hundred related AI applications become available.

As of yesterday, our local schools are banned from using ChatGPT at school. (Whatever that means?!) We already have phone bans where students are not permitted smartphones in classrooms.

A nearby state (in Australia) has embraced the availability of AI as tools to improve learning, and teaching.

Your early comment serves to show how enlightened educators will choose how to teach and learn using the latest technologies..

I look forward to your further comments on your experiences with advanced computer technologies.



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