Two Hugs and a Push

“Two Hugs and a Push”

One thing I need to work on as an instructional coach is helping colleagues leave their comfort zone to make changes in their classrooms.  I imagine this is because I usually need a push to leave mine.  This year, my colleague Jeff Kresge and I have been fortunate enough to run coaching cycles alongside three Apple Professional Learning (APL) Specialists.  We were able to watch how they navigated the planning session by providing suggestions that, many times, pushed teachers “just outside” of their comfort zone but, with the promise that help would be there throughout the teaching portion of the cycle.  In the reflection phase of the cycle, I witnessed it all come together as the specialists cheered on our teachers’ accomplishments.  

This is what APL Specialist Christine Klynen called, “two hugs and a push.”  I took away so much about the benefits of giving a little push that creates short-term discomfort and supporting that uncomfortable colleague through the teaching process (two hugs) all in the name of creating long-term, positive change.


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January 05, 2023

Good coaching model for us all “two hugs 🤗🤗and a push” - love it! It’s always helpful for us to exchange coaching techniques and experiences so I really appreciate the share, Jason.

February 21, 2023

We work with Christine K at Bridgeport as well. She is the master of "two hugs and a push." Afterall, in order to "fail forward" we do need both. Hugs (and Pushes) to all:)

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