Creative Performance on the iPad

I'm lucky that I have two passions. Teaching and educating is one and performance and singing is another. I love to combine the two. During lockdown, I had the opportunity to really explore the capabilities of using the Mac and iPad to create exciting performances on my own. My idea was to create a Memoji choir and perform different songs acapella style. The Pothy Choir was born.

The first thing I needed was an app that could make this simple. I found the Acapella App ( This basically allowed me to record multiple video tracks over the top of each other, therefore creating a multi video acapella recording. So this was my initial recording:

I recorded each track in front of a green screen. This way I knew I could remove the background with future editing.

I wanted to go one step further. So I used clips to record each track with a different animal Memoji. Again, recorded this with a green screen and played each original track back and lip synced onto Clips. I save each Memoji clip separately and imported them into my Mac where I then used Final Cut Pro to edit these Clips. The end result is below: 

I ran a webinar during the festival of learning in 2020 on how to do this. You can watch this by click this link -

Jump to January 2023. I wanted to resurrect the Pothy Choir as when I created this in lockdown, it gave me a real sense of joy and achievement. So recently I started to create further tracks. I have explored different ways of editing the videos using iMovie and for more control, Camtasia. I have also explored using social media to showcase the recording using Tiktok and Instagram. Please take a look below at the most recent recordings.

The Pothy Choir presents the Wellerman

The Pothy Choir presents One Day More from Les Miserables 

For other music videos please take a look here :

Enjoy and thanks for reading. Contact me to find out more.


5 replies

February 06, 2023

Pretty amazing and entertaining! So much fun. Thanks for sharing the enjoyment and creativity!

February 07, 2023

Very impressive Rich - hugely creative and great production skills. I think this would bean awesome project for any music department using iPads

February 08, 2023

I’ve loved this idea since you shared it at the Festival of Learning. Thanks for the update!

February 11, 2023

This is fantastic! I don’t want to diminish the fact that the pandemic we have experienced was a horrible experience. However, as educators (and as artists) we found ways to continue teaching and creating throughout the challenges we faced. Much of this creativity might have never been discovered if we hadn’t needed to find a way to teach/create. Many of these new developments need to continue, especially this one! :)

Thank you for sharing this project and the process we might follow to create our own.

February 12, 2023

This is SO much fun! Thanks for sharing all of these examples and your how-to, Richard!

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