Learning Reflection

When thinking about formulating a vision for learning, and to enhance that learning with Apple Technology, I have to look back at my journey and my own personal growth. Back in 1987, I was lucky enough to spend time with a teacher who believe in letting her students expand their learning with the most advanced technology available at that time. I was the kid who was able to let my creativity soar with the tools that Apple IIGS provided in our small western New York School. And that is the experience I want to share with the students here. I want them to have the tools necessary to spark their creativity, and their potential to collaborate with others. A simple goal: To engage teachers and students to find multiple ways to expand thinking, process, and interact with curriculum to deepen connection to learning, and to foster growth. Students will continue to explore the tools they can use, and build deeper connections with their teachers AND peers. Students will continue to make real world connections through collaboration, exploration, and additional opportunities to share their work in real world application. The opportunity to participate in the executive learning coaching sessions has refocused my vision and provided me the steps to take to produce an attainable timeline of the needed professional development for our teachers. Engaging them with a systematic approach to attaining mastery of skills will benefit our students by increasing the learning opportunities they will engage in as a result of teachers mastery.

The goals of my action plan will assist everyone in our professional learning journey, with multiple levels of support that will be delivered in the form of Apple Professional Learning, coaching sessions, peer to peer support network, and administrative support and guidance. We look forward to engaging our staff to think differently! #Gateway

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