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While I have utilized Apple's professional learning in the past, I had never used their one-on-one leadership training before and did not know what to expect. From the onset of the experience, the vision for my students, my school, and I was interwoven with a primary focus on creating that vision and the steps needed to achieve it.

My goal starting out in this journey was: Students have a choice in the direction and implementation of their learning goals and needs. These should be grounded in learner-centered principles of education will need to be customizable and student-centered. Education needs to vary for each learner so that they are continually supported through the use of technology during their educational process. As I moved through the training, I continually looked at that goal and reflected on what that meant for me and my building. Some reoccurring ideas that will stick with me include:

  • Technology provides us with an opportunity to understand knowledge more easily.
  • Empower all learners so the group can learn from every person's experiences and opinions.
  • Use technology with a purpose.
  • Doing the work is a task, but owning your learning is enjoyment.
  • Prepare the child for the path ahead of them, not the path for the child.

Moving forward, I feel better equipped to frame professional development for my staff and my students' learning goals, not only with the use of technology. The use of technology needs to help us prepare the child for what path they choose in life and not the path for all children to learn the same way.


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Posted on February 27, 2023

Great reflection Mike! Thank you for sharing your vision for learning and goals for professional learning. Prepare the child for the path… I love it!

Posted on February 28, 2023

Well done! Looking forward to helping you put these visions into action.

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