Podcasts: A Voice for students, Creativity and Innovation

For two years we have run a podcast from our studio here at Corpus Christi College in Perth Aus. During my time as Head of Arts with the help of some outstanding student presenters we embarked on creating our own Podcast for the Arts. CorpusArtCast grew out of need for students to be heard and grow their community to share in their love of creativity.

Utilising GarageBand and a really lovely Rode Podcast kit we created our Podcast studio. One of the main features was to install a small screen and an Apple TV so that students can Airplay their scripts at the right hight by utilising Pages' 'Presenter Mode'. This along with some really great and simple sound barriers meant that we could record a pro podcast on the fly in very quick time.


Having your own Podcast in running in your school is a really easy way of offering students a voice and share and build community. We interviewed Alumni, Teachers and students all telling their story of how the Arts was a focus in their life. From the success of over 1000 listeners I am now looking at developing a new program.

Shifting focus as the Coordinator of Digital Integration K-12 we are starting a new journey with a Podcast on Creativity and Innovation. CorpusSparkCast will allow us to create some amazing features on how we utilise technology in our k-12 learning environment and how we can enhance innovation with creativity.

Lookout for the launch! 


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Posted on March 01, 2023

Such a creative way of promoting the Arts! Sometimes our Arts teachers struggle to entice busy students to join. This is a great way for students to let other students understand the joy and importance of participating in the Arts. I’m passing this along - thanks!

Posted on March 05, 2023

What a wonderful opportunity for students to have authentic opportunities to build podcasting skills! Love it!

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